Recently announced OSHA Alliance will expand message of safety

By Lee Salamone and Sahar Osman-Sypher You may have heard that ACC recently signed an agreement with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to form a National Alliance. The whole idea behind this voluntary partnership initiative is to continue to foster

Pope: Conflict, Climate Change Cause Worldwide Hunger

ROME, Italy, October 16, 2017 (ENS) - Pope Francis today urged governments around the world to work together to make emigration a safer and more voluntary choice, saying that food security for everyone requires tackling climate change and ending conflicts.

Welcome to Your Earth, and YourEarth Solutions.

YES. The acronym has meaning. YourEarth Solutions believes that we can get to YES in solving the most pressing challenges facing the long-term health of planet Earth.

If the human race has demonstrated anything, it is an indomitable creativity in technological advancement and an insatiable thirst for improving its own condition. Through most of human history, this has often come at the expense of the environment. At this juncture, however, improving our own condition is tantamount with sustaining our earth, and applying the human ingenuity that defines us is what will save us.

Countless individuals, organizations, businesses and government agencies are developing solutions to today’s toughest problems. These solutions do not get the attention they need or deserve, or they are met with skepticism or uncertainty, and valuable time and opportunities are lost in replicating and scaling up those initial successes.

The goal of YourEarth Solutions to identity early success stories, promote them, and assist organizations in scaling up to effectuate meaningful change towards a sustainable future.

Ambitious? YES.

Audacious? YES.

Possible? YES.

Necessary? YES!